Ground Floor Capital CEO, David Steele talks about our business model and why now is the time to invest in emerging markets.

Dave Steele has enjoyed an extensive 25 year entrepreneurial career in both Canada and the United States, offering leading edge investment opportunities to thousands of individual investors. From 1997 to 2001 he served as CEO of International Properties Group Ltd., a public real estate company listed on the TSX. While at IPG, Mr. Steele developed and maintained a unique wealth management division helping individuals to acquire over 7,000 investment properties throughout North America. He was also actively involved in the growth of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), a nonprofit organization that now has over 5,000 members worldwide. In 1994/95, Mr. Steele served as EO’s international president. Dave holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in finance from the University of Calgary.



Our Strategy

Ground Floor Capital sources emerging market companies that are seeking investor-funding in order to become traded on North American stock markets. Working with these companies just prior to them becoming publically traded (pre-IPO) allows GFC the advantage and opportunity to buy in and use the public markets as a way to exit our investment.

Focusing on emerging markets, GFC seeks to identify companies that have profitable, easy-to-understand business models, and that have demonstrated an ability to substantially grow their revenue. Once we have chosen a company, our sourcing partners assist the companies with:

• Completing an offshore restructuring
• Completing a US GAAP audit
• Issuing Chinese and US legal opinion letters
• Retaining an investment bank and investor relations (IR) firm
• Hiring an English speaking CFO
• Provide a late round of private funding

“The pre-IPO (initial public offering) market has generally been perceived as an insider’s club, reserved for only the wealthy and well connected – and for good reason. Traditionally, pre-IPO investment opportunities have been marketed to wholesale investors, high net-worth individuals and investment funds. The ability to invest in a business before it goes public has given them opportunities for gains that the average investor has not been privy to…until now.”
– David Steele, Ground Floor Capital CEO

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People do business with people they like and trust…

Ground Floor Capital’s Pledge of Integrity:

“Our investment structure ensures that our investors’ success is paramount at all times. We earn the lion’s share of our profit after each investor has received a complete return of their investment. In effect, we make money if you make money.

Typically, GFC invests alongside its investors and investors can rest assured that all of the due diligence has been performed to the most stringent standards. We are excited about the promising opportunities that exist when investing in high-growth companies just before they go public, and think you will be too.”

- Ground Floor Capital CEO, David Steele