China is growing fast, and GFC is looking to capitalize on this growth.
The following are some key reasons to consider investing in China:

• China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Many of the companies we are investing in are growing at greater than 25% annually.

• It is likely that the Chinese RMB (China’s currency) will one day be re-valued. The companies we invest in earn their profits in RMB and revaluation would result in larger profits when converted to US dollars.

• The rise of the middle class is remarkable.This growth has created a tremendous thirst for domestic consumption and is making China’s economy far less dependent on export markets for its goods and services.

• China does not have a national debt problem like Europe or the United States. As of August 2011, China has foreign currency reserves of $3.2 trillion USD and the Chinese economy is in a position of strength compared to the rest of the world.

. The US national debt is growing at an unprecedented pace:

The US National Debt

• Valuations of Chinese businesses are at what we consider to be unbelievably low valuations creating what may be one of the greatest buying opportunities of our lifetimes.